To produce quality goods, and that too on time, you need a good production facility, capable of taking on any challenge thrown at you. In this regard, Spantik Exports possesses the best infrastructure that has the ability and potential to give you quality products. Our manufacturing process has been vertically integrated to facilitate all the processes involved in garment manufacturing under one roof. This enables us to reduce the time spent in completing your orders. All our machines are the latest available in the market, and whenever required, Spantik export has never shied away from purchasing the most modern equipments. All our divisions are equipped with the latest equipments to maintain the high quality standards that we have set for ourselves.

Company Fact Sheet

Building size30,000 sq ft
Established since2001
Number of employees400
Initial order lead time12 weeks
CertificationsBSCI, SEDEX


The success to quick and efficient production is a composite unit. Spantik consists of production units such as stitching, dyeing, washing, and printing. These units have the capability to produce multiple orders with fast and well-organized delivery according to order requirements.

Number of Machines363
Reorder lead time8 weeks
Production capacity100,000+ garments/month


In Spantik Textiles currently the following supporting equipment is installed on the premises; generator, air compressor, steam generators.

Repair & Maintenance

Spantik Textiles has an in-house repair, maintenance and development facility classified under electrical and mechanical department.


The department coordinates between the buyer and the factory personnel with proper attention to detail and effective communication.